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and stood outside for a vigil. i am katie marzulo. we are waiting for a news conference at any moment. as soon as someone approaches that podium we will go out there live. authorities hope to release the identities of the victims this morning. first we will go to sandy hook wi, connecticut with the very latest. >> good morning. this community is just beginning the process this unimaginable horror, innocent lives lost at school. >> it all started on a seemingly ordinary day in a most unlikeliest of places a sleepy new england town one of the worst mass shootings in this nation's history. >> sandy hooks stewed school. >> adam lanza seen as a teenager heading to the elementary school wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with a semi automatic
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assault rifle and two high powered pistols like these. >> everyone was scared. a really big kid in my class i have never seen him cry and he was crying. it was scary for all of us. >> police say lanza had shot his mother at her home and he went to the school killed 26 team mostly children and then himself. after the rampage ended teachers led the students single file from the schoolhouse to a nearby fire station. >> we got in lines and we had to close our eyes and we all put our hands on other people's shoulders and then hour teacher hold the first person's hand and she led us out. >> panfrantic parents arrived a school simply hoping to find their children alive. >> heartbreaking. >> authorities are still searching for answers. >> we will go backwards as far as we have to go in this investigation. hopefully we will stumble on answers. >> they are also questioning
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adam's brother ryan and father peter to look at what led to the shooting spree. residents say the hoar another still doesn't seem real. >> stud i be pin-- should i be d to see if it is real. >> feels like a dream and a bad dream. >> it's a nightmare. >> some of the bodies have been removed from the school. the rest will be removed later today. we are hearing reports that connecticut doesn't have enough medical examiners to perform autopsies and will ask other states for help. reporting live in sandy hook, now back to you. thank you. we are learning more this morning about adam lanza. he was an honor student in high school. lanza did not appear in his high school yearbook. his spot on the page reads camera shy. his parents were divorced and ordered to take a parenting education program. his father is vice president of ge capital. both parents had numerous
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legally registered weapons. in the early hours of the tragedy police identified adam's brother ryan at the gunman. this is him being handcuffed by authorities. lanza told officers he hadn't seen his brother in recent years. ryan is not a suspect and he is cooperating in the investigation. a few hours from now a prayer vigil is taking place in san francisco at the aids memorial grove. vigils popped occupy all over the country including this one in mill valley where about 20 people turned out to remember the victims. we have more on another vigil held last night in walnut creek. >> this capped light vigil tame koth within a few hours. ashley montgomery was xheled to do something after watching news reports from connecticut through out the day. >> something like this, our hearts are broken but when we gather here like this it shows our spirits aren't broken. >> among those in the crowd were
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elementary aged school students. >> did you hear it through friends or did you hear it on the phone? >> i heard it from my mom. >> his mother tells me she had a conversation with him about the shooting in connecticut when she picked him up for school. >> i thought it was important for them to know what happened. usually i try to shield them from events but it was too close. >> another mother tells me she also spoke with the kids in h p hoping to help them understand what others are going through. >> i can only image the parent going to school hoping that it wasn't my child in that classroom, but at the same time if it wasn't then you are horrified by the fact that that was my daughter's best friend in that classroom. >> bill miller is head of independent school. >> i talked with them today and said, look, these were our children. these awere our students. these are my teachers. these were our teachers. these are our colleagues that fell. >> a couple dozen people turned out for this vigil in walnut
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creek. they left behind a candle, a card and flowers to honor those who were killed in connecticut on friday. in walnut creek, abc 7 news. another vigil, a vigil of one in san jose. the mother of 6-year-old showed this picture on twitter. the young boy lighting a candle. some who were his age. san jose loves shes connecticut, sandy hook elementary school. >> the mass shooting has been emotional for parents. you may be wondering how to talk to your children about what happened. the dean of psychology at santa clara university tells abc news you nooirsd to confront your own feels whether those include fear, anger or anxiety and then speak calmly to your child and listen intently and the time do it is now before they see it somewhere else.
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>> i would talk today. i don't think it's worth waiting until the end of the weekend or waiting until there's a right moment. the moment is now. the kids are experiencing this. they have to understand what does this really mean when an elementary school has this kind of tragedy. >> dr. says you should reassure your kids they are safe at school before they go back to class on monday. we want to take you live to newtown connecticut. that is where we are waiting for a news conference to begin at any moment. authorities may release the names of the victim this is morning. some of the vic tames bodies are inside the school others have been removed. it has been a slow process trying to positively identify the children as most kids don't carry identification. there are 27 victims 20 of them are children 7 adults that includes the shooter's mother nancy lanza and teacher vicky soto. another adult victim has been
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identified 37-year-old donna hochsprung. damned lanza this is a picture from 2005. they are interviewing members of his family and friends that includes his brother and father treeing to put together any explanation for this tragedy. we have more coming up in the newscast. stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage. you can get our abc 7 news app and get the push operations. we are updating our facebook page at abc 7 news. let's get our first look at the weather check in with meteorologist lisa argin. >> we are looking from our roof camera where we have chilly
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conditions numbers in the 30s and 40s. as we check out live doppler 7 this is a system off to the north. it is pretty far off. this will bring the light rain our way. 41 oakland 47 san francisco 29 fairfield. 33 livermore. if you are heading out temperatures in the upper 20s to mid 40s. otherwise rain developing this afternoon low to mid 50s. numbers very cool. we will see the showers continue into the evening hours. we will let you know if we have rain for the rest of the weekend and the outlook for next week. >> it is 5:09 in our coverage of the deadly elementary school shooting continues. up next you will hear two young brothers describe the day that will certainly forever change their lives. and we have much more on the school tragedy in connecticut. we are waiting for a live news conference out of newtown where
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we expect the children's identity to be revealed. stay with us. [ penélope ] i found the best cafe in the world.
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where just one touch creates the perfect coffee. where every cappuccino and latte is only made with fresh milk. and where the staff is exceptionally friendly. nespresso. what else? >> then we hid because everyone thought it was an animal. then when we heard gun shots that didn't sound like our army gun shots or policeman gun shots, we all hid into my teacher's office. it was scary. we had to hide there. we could be easily shot because we were really near that guy. >> that guy could have kicked in in the door that they were in. >> everything was fine. everything was just normal as a regular friday morning would be
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to everyone, and then it all just changed. it all changed. >> then it all changed. >> young boys wise beyond their years. that is how brothers ethan and san paley fourth grade students described the chaos as soon as shots were fired. we will have continuing coverage of the school tragedy in connecticut on abc 7 news this morning. there will be a special edition of "good morning america"" at 7:00 a.m. it will be broadcast from the scene of the shooting in newtown, connecticut. an investigation is underway after an off duty chp officer was killed in a head on accident in fairfield. it happened before 6:00 on highway 12 at red top road last night. the officer was on his personal motorcycle when he hit a pickup truck turning left in front of him. the officer was thrown and hit by a honda. the unidentified officer was pronounced dead at the scene. >> an 82-year-old man is facing
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felony charges of vehicular manslaughter after he was involved in a terrifying crash that took three lives yesterday on interstate 280 in san mateo county. nick smith has the latest on the investigation. >> sky 7 h. d. was over the scene minutes before the crash at i 280 on edgewood road. the dreyer pulled next to the median to fix a flat tire. it was then police say this black volkswagon swerved into the center divide and crashed into the lexus. >> there were four people total. three of the people were pronounced at the scene. >> a 28-year-old man and women. it wasn't immediately clear who was in and what was outside of the car. the extent of the damage and force of the impact are important clues for investigators. >> looks like speed was a factor. >> abc 7 news learned the driver of this black vogues wagon is an 82-year-old man in the area. he was taken to the medical
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center for nonlife threatening injuries. once he is released he will face felony charges of vehicular manslaughter. the crash caused a backup for miles. >> investigators say neither alcohol or drugs appear to be a factor. if they are still in the preliminary stages in the investigation. nick smith, abc 7 news. lisa argin joining us. it is cold this morning. can i say freezing. >> you can say below freezing. 29 in fairfield. we have fog around the bay as well. right now emeriville temperatures are considerably warmer than the north hill valleys. we are in the 40s here. doesn't sound warm but it's all relative. we will talk about light rain and if it lasts through the weekend. >> taking you back out live to newtown, connecticut where we are await agnes conference that should begin a-- awaiting a new
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>> welcome back everybody. we want to start you off with weather at this time so you know how much you need to bundle up, which is maybe there's not enough to bundle up. oo don't put away the rain gear either. we are looking at a pretty unsettled time of it. it is dry but boy is it cold. you are right. we are talking about temperatures that have dropped below freezing. here's a live look outside from vulmer peak i believe. we are looking at all of the twijing ligh -- twinkling light. rainshowers off to the north. in lleytonville. this is what is going to work down into the bay area by this afternoon. 33 livermore. the warm spot in san francisco. we have fog from nevada to santa rosa. good visibility around the coast. increasing clouds around the bay. partly cloudy skies in the south
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day bay. the rain will be developing for all of us. we are talking afternoon light rain lingering through the afternoon and evening hours and a chance of showers tomorrow. it will take you drthrough it hr by hour. several systems heading our way. here is the first one. we are looking for light rain amount. it is not a big rain maker. in fact over the weekend light rain but the temperatures will stay cool for the next several days. the next weather system will bring us more rain but still a little cold out there. cold system bringing snow showers perhaps up into lake county. otherwise rain is off the coast by noontime and as we head further into the afternoon and evening hours you can see scattered showers 11:00 tonight. sunday most of the rain up in
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the north bay. this is 8:00 tomorrow morning. ro look at the rest of the day east bay and south bay not much of an issue but staying rather cool taking you through the rest of sunday. monday and more rain from another system a milder system that could bump up our temperatures a little bit. that's a tradeoff. a tenth to a third of an inch trace amounts around san jose. you should see sunshine 52 san jose low 50s san francisco. we are looking at 49 in morgan hil. 53 selen,is. clee >> fluid 7 day outlook.
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you have to come back and check because the timing different. they are honored the school shooting victims in connecticut. this was the scene on espn in denver where fans were asked to stand before a grizzly's game. larry beal begins our morning sports with the warriors. >> good morning everybody. sports a diversion after what we saw in connecticut. with that in mind we will start with the warriors trying to keep their perfect road trip going in orlando. more than they have had since 1962 but they did not have it in this game. orlando blocked 10 shots during this game. 7-13 for the rest of the league 2-0 for the rest of the state. jj redic beats the buzzer. david lee bringing it 24 points
5:22 am
15 rebounds his 6th double double in a row. warriors never closer than a 9 point deficit. nelson making it look easy. 99-85 they will end the trip tonight in atlanta. lakers trying to snap their four game skid across the wizards. kobe bryant doing all he can to wield the lakers to victory. nice dish 12 points for howard. wizards fans you root for the wizards like once every 10 years you get a good team. alley-oop to webster. here coming down the lane, somebody got a block out. nobody ever blocks us out any more. lashgs stopped the skid 102-96. still they are 10-14. >> the de la salle high school team looks to win their 4th consecutive title against san antonio corona from southern california. bob lattis is two wins shy of 400 in his career. he is openly talking about
5:23 am
retirement. he led them for 34 years. it is really the one and only job he ever wanted. >> i wanted to be a high school teacher. i wanted to be at this school. that is when i was 24 years old. never got wander lust or wanted to jump a level or anything like that. it has been very rewarding. it has been a good career. i have no regrets whatsoever. >> he's an amazing coach. the 49 years head to new england for tomorrow night's show down against the patriots. if the 9ers win they clinch a playoff spot. don't forget about the best offensive weapon mr. frank gore. they reached the 1,000 yard mark for the 6th time in his career. franchise record in rushing touchdowns with 50. gore banged up during this season but he's a guy that finds a way to block out the pain. >> in frank case a lot of guy's case the love of the game. how much he loves football, how
5:24 am
much he likes practicing and playing this game. that plays a big part in making him such a durable guy week after week. >> and raiders host the chiefs sunday. he puts his wbo junior feather weight title against houston against the flexing jorge. they are good friends. donar weighed in at 121 and a half. arsay had to take everything off to barely make weight at 122 pounds even. that is a wrap on morning sports. mike shoeman will be here with your highlights at 5, 6 and 11:00 p.m. have a great week everybody. >> coverage of the school tragedy in connecticut continues. a community in mourning today. we just learned the identities of some of the young victims in yesterday's elementary school. we are waiting for that information. we expect it this morning. plus this. >> to be absolutely quiet. there are bad guys out there now
5:25 am
we need to wait for the good guys. >> in all of the tragedy life saving stories, the teachers who kept the children safe and calm as the gunmen opened fire in the classroom. >> i am live in golden gate park where later this morning a vigil is set to remember the victims of the connecticut tragedy. the public is welcome. the public is welcome. i will tel and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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>> we will take you live to newtown connecticut. authorities are expected to release more names of the victims of the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. some of the bodies are still inside the school. some have been removed. there are 27 victims. 20 of them children, 7 adults. one of the add dupts being the alleged shooter's mother. she was found at home not at school. a community mourns asking why did this happen? >> >> the first word was chilling it only got worse. >> they are reporting multiple fatalities involved in the shooting at the elementary school. >> with each new report the horror deepened. >> the number dead closer to 30 than to 20 sad employs of them
5:29 am
are children. >> we know the death toll is 27. 20 of those killed are agchildr the ages between 5 and 10. there are many more questions but the most common one is why? >> in these times of troubles and tref veil where the unthinkable happens in our very midst, our faith is tested. >> as residents of newtown, connecticut came to vigils friday night officials came to the scene to piece together what happened. >> we consider this to be number one mass i. number two it's like a big puzzle. we have to put the pieces together to try to draw a picture as to how and why this occurred. >> at the center of the puzzle adam lanza identified as the shooter. he had no known criminal record before entering the school friday morning dressed in flack fatigues and a military vest.
5:30 am
he was found dead in a classroom by his own hand. a former classmate described him as quiet. >> he was always a little bit different. he mostly stuck to himself. but i don't know if you can say that you could have predicted this. >> the victims are being mourned across the nation like at this candlelight vigil at the u.s. capitol friday night. nowhere is the sadness more palpable than in this small community. >> you struggle to find the words as to what happened. >> even an emotional president obama had to fight back tears. >> this evening michelle and i will do what i know every parents in america will do which is hug our children a little tighter and we will tell them that we love them and we will remind each other how deeply we love one another. but there are families in in connecticut who cannot do that tonight. they need all of us right now. >> one of the six adults killed was 47-year-old dawn hochsprung the school's principal.
5:31 am
she was known for her playful passion just a month ago she dressed up as the sandy hook book fair rewearing -- fairy wearing a crown and a dress that lighted up inspiring first graders to read. the gunman adam lanza and his brother ryan and father. he began shooting his mother at his family home and left armed with two hand guns and a rifle. he fired with chilling accuracy leaving only one wounded survivor at the school. authorities believe he then shot himself to death. abc news learned both of his parents legally own a number of guns including a bushmaster rifle but it's not clear if any of their weapons were used in the crime. a school bus driver who knew lanza says it was totally unexpected. >> nice kid. very pool loi-- polite. she raised very nice boys to me. it's a shock to know them and realize who they are and what he
5:32 am
did. when one teacher heard gun fire she raced to herd her 15 students into a tiny bathroom. a quick thinking frantic effort to save their young lives. listened to what happened. >> one of my students on top of the toilet. i knew we had to get in there. i told them it's going to be okay. you are going to be all right. i pulled a book shelf before i closed the door in front of it. we were completely barricaded in. i was so afraid if he did come in he would hear us and he would just start shooting the door. i said we have to be absolutely quiet and we have -- i said there are bad guys out there now we need to wait for the good guys. i am hearing the gun fire in the hall way i am thinking in my mind, i am the first classroom why isn't he coming? i am thinking we are next. in my mind i am thinking as a 6-year-old, 7-year-old what are your thoughts? i am thinking that i have to almost be their parent. i have to tell them. i said i need you to know that i
5:33 am
love you all very much and that it's going to be okay. i thought that was the last thing they were ever going to hear. i thought we were all going to die. you know, i don't know if that's okay. i wanted them to know someone loved them and i wanted that to be one of the last things they heard. not the gun fire in the hallway. >> 20/20 anchor crisco mow rushed to the school to make sure they made it out. t one girl talks about the heroic actions of her teacher. >> what do you remember? what happened? >> we got to school. we did everything we needed to and then we heard all this racket at our classroom. we were all scared. then we heard them say go in your cubbies. >> everybody went in their cubbies. >> did you hear any more bad noises.
5:34 am
>> yes. >> while that was going on your teacher was reading you books and keeping you calm. >> yeah. >> you have a good teacher don't you? >> uh-huh. >> you love your teacher. >> uh-huh. >> did you teacher seem nervous? >> no. >> she kept her calm and told you a story. >> uh-huh. >> do you remember which one? >> she read us the nut cracker and another book that was about christmas. >> i love the nut cracker. do you love it? >> yes. >> i am afraid of the mouse king. little scary let's be honest, right? it's not just me. so you are in there, how do you leave the classroom? >> we got in a line and we had to close our eyes. >> you had to close your eyes? >> yes. >> when you opened them where were you? >> we were walking down to the fire station. >> what happened there today happened and it's over, okay? you have to be happy that you are okay. are you okay? i didn't even check you out.
5:35 am
are you all right? >> yes. >> what happened here in the front. did you have teeth there this morning when you went there. >> no. >> good. >> you know you are missing all of the teeth in front. are you aware. >> christmas list made? >> uh-huh. >> sent to santa. >> how long is the list? >> two pieces of paper. >> all right. that's a sweet moment. that was chris cuomo reporting. >> in the area small groups are creating vigils to remember the victims. we are live in golden gate park with more of one that was planned for this morning. katie, good morning. we are here at the aids memorial drove -- grove in golden gate park. we have video from last night where in mill valley about 20 people gathered to honor those who died and to find comfort in one another in the face of such brazen violence. people of all ages consoled one another and remembered the 27 people lost.
5:36 am
one high school sophomore told us she felt a personal connection to the tragedy. >> i felt that i have a younger sister and it could have been her. any one that would have to go through that loss is so sad. and i hope it never happens again. i hope that no one ever has to lose a family member or their lives to someone like that. >> 2 dozen he mourners gathered for another vigil in walnut creek. that's where parents brought their elementary school aged children. two mothers we spoke with said they explained what happened to their children in hopes of having them understand what their families in connecticut are going through right now. here in golden gate park the public is welcome for a vigil planned at 8:00 a.m. at the aids memorial grove. live in golden gate park abc 7 news. tough morning. school officials across the bay
5:37 am
area were fielding calls from parents. a few parents took their kids home. many parents sent a letter home to reassure parents their children are safe at home. allen wong has more from oakland. >> as news of the tragedy in connecticut spread so did a sense of insecurity in schools across the bay area. >> it just reminded me to appreciate what i have and to draw my loved ones closer. >> in oakland city police officers were available for any school to offer safety advice and for a sense of reassurance. >> it is totally wrong. they are not adults yet and they are killing little kids. >> the school district will have the first active ever shooter drill next march. officials are keenly aware of how this tragedy might effect its younger students. >> with younger children it's a fire drill like earthquake drill like maneuver where you are reassuring the children and you
5:38 am
are moving the children around. >> district psychologists were coaching faculty members how to spot signs of distress with kids and how to respond when they come back next week. >> every once in a while this thing does happen but it rarely happens and there are adults there they can go to when they are feeling afraid. >> in san francisco it was gut check time. school officials were reexamining safety plans that have been in place since the columbine massacre. since then police say their tactics have changed. >> we take immediate action. we know that lives are at stake and if there is an mediacy our officers are told to gather and engage. >> i am allen wong, abc 7 news. president obama is using his weekly address to ask all americans to keep the victims of violence in mind. >> as a nation we have endured far too many of these tragedies in the last few years. an elementary school in newtown, a shopping mall in oregon, a
5:39 am
house of worship in wisconsin. movie theater in colorado, countless street corners in places like chicago and philadelphia. any of these neighborhoods wocod be you are own. we have to come together and we are going to have to take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this from happening. the president asks each american to lend a hand to families in their own communities who have lost loved ones to violence. you can expect condolences on our facebook page. share your thoughts at 7 news. you can also post this badge to your facebook wall a silent show of support for everyone in newtown, connecticut. up next, a new call for gun control as people struggle with the tragedy in connecticut. others are already thinking about how to prevent it from happening again. the scene in connecticut is all too familiar in columbine,
5:40 am
colorado. residents are reaching out to the people of newtown. our coverage of the school tragedy in connecticut continues in a moment. [ male announcer ] introducing centrum flavor burst adult multivitamins... a delicious new way to get essential vitamins you need.
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>> gun control is once again being debated after the tragic school shooting in connecticut.
5:43 am
it's a conversation taking place in the nation's capitol and right here at home. hire is abc 7 news reporter ama dates. >> please layout a plan of action of how we may address this scourge of gun violence in our community. >> the elementary school shooting gave rise to the anti gun gathering outside of the white house. they are already calling on congress to further restrict access to firearms in response to today's tragedy. in california we have the strongest gun laws in the country as ranked to prevent gun violence. >> it has the lowest mortality rates from firearm deaths in the nation. >> they are considering reintroducing a bill that closes the loophole in the state assault weapons ban. recent polls show americans in general are in favor of more restrictions. gun store owner josh diseaser says the current laws are fine. >> isolated incidents it's
5:44 am
tragic. we can't they jerk and think goes going to cause a problem. if people are wanting to do something bad they are going to figure out a way to do it. >> others feel something needs to change. >> watching the prevalence of gun violence in our society, i just can't stand by and watch that. >> marsha geta of oakland grew up with guns. he attend this had vigil to remember the lives lost in connecticut. >> we need to look inside of the mirror and take a look at ourselves america and realize we need to change a few things how we deal with guns and the way we issue them in society as well as how we encourage violence in our society. >> we have not heard any reaction yet from the gun advocacy group the national rifle association. the organization's facebook faj was unavailable for most of yesterday. on april 20th, 1999, the nation was horrified at television images of high school students running for their lives
5:45 am
at columbine high school. two students shot 12 students and one teacher to death and wounded 24 other brothers fat fatally shooting themselves. the man who was columbine's principal that day is still principal today. >> here to provide all of the support they need. the message i would like to send to them is they are not in this alone. >> denver now has detailed diagrams for all of the schools and has taken steps to limit access points for better security. he doesn't think gun control or tougher laws will prevent mass killing. >> might be an unfortunate truth. lisa argin with the forecast. cold outside. >> it is cold. we have rain that will be developing through out the day and the afternoon. if you are head the out this morning we have temperatures as low as freezing.
5:46 am
with rain developing we have an interesting forecast. >> bay area students write letters to santa not for what they want for christmas. these letters are to help make wishlivermore.
5:47 am
5:48 am
>> good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. we are coming up on 5:50.
5:49 am
it is a cold one and ever changing. >> that's true. we have several wet weather systems headed our way. the first couple are pretty weak. more of a nuisance rain no one can escape the cold as we head on outside right now. you can see from the roof camera it is pretty festive out there with the arrow and the lights. the fair rebuilding you can see it all lit up there. we are looking at clear skies around the bay. that has dropped the temperatures to below freezing in some parts of the bay. live doppler 7 hd we are watching a weak weather system well up to the north. here it is. this is what will be developing later on today. it will spread light rain our way by midday in the north bay and the south bay should stay clear for quite sometime. 30s along the central coast. 32 for you as well as santa rosa. fairfield only 30 degrees.
5:50 am
warm spot 37. it is an over coat morning with perhaps some gloves. we have fog visibility less than a quarter mile. be careful. highlights then we have the cold weather. chance of showers linger through tomorrow. it looks like the on and off light rainshower activity they went from a tenth to a third through the weekend. we are not talking about a lot of rain. here is the system. you can see the cloud cover and basically it is hung up along the north coast. it will slowly sag to the south. cold air. with some of the valleys colder air is trapped at the lower level. not out of the question to see some flurries around lake county. here it is. you will notice the snow levels in some parts of the bay around 2,000 feet we will have snow in the foothills but not a lot of moisture with the system.
5:51 am
here it is midday you will notice we are dry across most of the bay. the pink indicating the rain snow mix. through the afternoon light rain. you will notice light rain in the north yinight hours. showers around 8:00 we are still looking at the light precip in the north bay. rest of the afternoon maybe on and off showers but towards monday we are looking at another system. little meatyer and warmer. a tenth to a third of an inch and letters ams along the coast in south bay today. a weak system but with plenty of cold air 50 half-moon bay upper 40z for the north bay, 53 in m celine nis. a chance of rain almost every day except the middle of the week. i hate to say it but that could change as the systems speed up and the models give us conflicting reports. stay tuned. it looks seasonal. >> you have us as a captive
5:52 am
audience. thanks. as tragedy continues to unfold in connecticut it is nice to be reminded there is good in the world. we want to share a different story of hope and love toward others. hundreds of student in fremont wrote letters to santa asking him to grant a wish to sick kids as part of the make a wish campaign. leeann mol lhas the story. >> these are only a few of the thousands of kids in fremont who wrote a wish on a piece of paper. >> i wished about my family and friends. >> that my mom and dad have a great time in thae life and not have to struggle with it. >> for all of the children to stay out of the hospital and feel better about themselves to be out. >> they're second grade teacher organized the produ-- project. >> it could be people close to them or children from make a
5:53 am
wish. some kids wrote about what they wish for for obama. >> for each letter macy's donated $2 to make a wish foundation. they grant wishes to kids with life threatening medical conditions like shelby. she arrived in a limo and had a shopping spree at macy's at walnut creek before flying off in january to meet justin bieber. students and parents managed to write 41,000 letters. >> sometimes when i do it my hands hurt but i keep doing it because i want kids to get out of the hospital. >> the make a wish foundation will receive 80,000 dollars which will be spent on granting wishes to about 8 sick children. >> you are really sick and you are in pain you don't have much to do and kaunt go out anywhere. >> we want our kids to learn to pay it forward, to think of others first. and plus we are getting them to
5:54 am
write. >> he told us his baby sister had been sick. he mentioned her in his letter. >> i hope she gets better. >> she is better now. >> the power of believing. in fleent, l-- ♪
5:55 am
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>> authorities say they have identified all of the victims. 20 children. the shooter nancy lanza, the shooter as mother was among them. nancy may have been a volunteer or a substitute teacher. our coverage of the school tragedy continues in just a moment.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> good morning. the connecticut town of newtown is mourning after one of the deadliest shootings in history. these are live pictures in connecticut. victim's bodys are still inside the school. authorities have identified all of them. it's not clear if the names will be given out today. there are 27 victims. 20 of

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